The financial services sector is a complex and highly regulated area and so you need an accountant who knows your business, FCA regulations, special accounting and specific tax rules applicable to financial services firms. Our financial services team is head by Mr Raju Gajurel who is Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) besides being a qualified accountant. He has substantial experience and expert knowledge in serving variety of financial services clients.

Our financial services team provides a full service to clients of all sizes, from start-ups to multi-national companies across the whole of the financial services industry. We deal with both MiFiD and non-MiFiD firms. Our team has experience in various types of financial services firms:

  • Financial traders (equity, fixed income, forex & other products)
  • Equity and fixed income brokers
  • Currency brokers/dealers (with both retail and institutional clients)
  • Market makers (European and US, both debt & equity)
  • Investment/fund mangers
  • Hedge funds
  • Private equity firms
  • Fintech firms
  • Insurance brokers & other intermediaries
  • IFAs
  • Mortgage brokers

Our team have depth knowledge and experience of complex financial products, including:

  • forex (futures, binaries, CFDs)
  • equity options & futures
  • fixed income (bonds, bunds, gilts, treasury corporate bonds, Eurobonds, EM bonds, etc)
  • swaps (forex and interest)
  • interest rate futures and options
  • other derivative and hybrid products


We provide complete solutions to the financial services firms encompassing accounting, taxation, compliance and other ad-hoc services.

Whether you are day trader or an established share dealer and market maker, BDRP’s specialist financial services team will take care of all your accounting and taxation issues. We are specialist accountant and tax advisor for the financial traders who had depth of experience and expertise of the issues faced by a financial trader.For an individual trader, one of the main issue is whether your income falls under capital gains regime or trading income regime, being substantially different tax rates and rules. We provide you comprehensive tax advice and guide you through this.For corporate traders, there are special issues around corporate structures, LLPs and disguised remuneration rules, accounting and valuation of financial instruments, etc. For FCA registered firms, there are extra regulatory burden of regular returns under Gabriel and compliance with FCA authorisation limits. At BDRP, we will take care of all of accounting and tax issues.Our specialist team of accountants for financial traders consists of chartered financial analyst (CFA), chartered accountants and chartered tax advisor. So, we have unique blend of expertise to provide valuable advice in accounting and taxation matters.
BDRP Chartered Certified Accountants & Tax Advisors understand the financial firms will need ad-hoc support services from time to time. BDRP has experienced team of assist you on various specific needs of your firm. Following are some examples in which we assisted to the firms:
  • Assistance in FCA registration application
  • Bank account opening
  • Business plans and forecasting
  • Sarbanes-Oxley Act compliance
  • SEC filings for broker-dealers
  • IFRS conversion of UK GAAP accounts for SEC licence application
  • Minimum capital requirement planning
  • Share restructuring (share split, bonus share issue, debt to equity conversation)
Our team keep them up to date with the FCA/PRA rules and regulations that impact financial services firms. We will help you on regulatory compliance and Gabriel filing.We will assist you in preparing various returns and reports as required by FCA/PRA regulations:
  • Annual accounts & reports (FIN-A)
  • Annual controllers report (REP002)
  • Client money & assets return (CMAR)
  • Remuneration data report (REP005)
  • Pillar 3 Disclosures
  • Retail Mediation Activities Return (RMAR)
  • Close links notification form
  • Returns under market data regimes
On complicated regulatory and legal issues, we will direct you to the appropriate legal advisor.
Financial services firms need sector specific tax specialist who understands the commercial, regulatory and accounting issues faced by the firms. BDRP’s specialist financial services team has in depth understanding of tax issues faced by financial firms and will advise you with due considerations to both commercial and regulatory implications. We are proactive in advising you on tax planning opportunities from changes in regulatory environment. We will also help you to mitigate risks from continuously changing tax legislations.We have tax experience & knowledge in special structures in financial services industry including limited liability partnerships (LLPs), limited partnerships (LPs), special purpose vehicles (SPVs), etc. Our tax team will help you to deal with special issues faced by your firm, some examples are:
  • Corporation tax returns and advice
  • LLPs tax returns and advice
  • LLPs and deemed remuneration regulations
  • Group reconstructions (mergers/demergers, share for share exchange, etc.)
  • VAT reverse charge implications
  • Personal tax returns of partners
To serve clients from financial services firms, the accountant need in depth knowledge of the financial products, complex structures, FCA regulations, etc. Our team comprises of Chartered Financial Analysts (CFA) and Chartered Accountants who have very extensive knowledge and experience of financial services firms. So, we are uniquely qualified to provide first-class accounting service to financial services firms. We provide range of accounting services to the firms:
  • Book-keeping and management accounting
  • Statutory accounts
  • IFRS conversion and FRS102 conversation
  • US GAAP advice (to assist in SEC filing)
  • GABRIEL returns
  • IAS 39 & IFRS 9 advice

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